The Bureau’s customer is creative, eclectic and romantic,
but hides a tormented soul: a beautiful and impossible classic.


He travels, for pleasure but mainly for work. what he needs is an intelligent,
carefully crafted wardrobe, distinctive but understated.

Essential pieces, performance-ready for travel, for always being on the move.


The most refined coats and knitwear complete his look:
comfortable, relaxed, yet appropriate and elegant.


For a man who likes to mix classic with modern.



The Bureau is a new international luxury fashion label for men.

Our customers want products that make them feel unique,
unattainable, and confident.

Our line speaks to a niche audience with a strong sense of style.

The Bureau takes fashion into new territories with visually impactful and tactile designs,
executed with superior materials, all production is made in Italy.

We renounce trends and embrace exclusivity,
an increasingly bold proposition in the world of fashion.


The Bureau Studio is the brainchild of:


– Erika Sciortino, founder, creative director and designer.
– Marcello Arena, art director and communications director.

Through this union, the bureau conceives a modern man,
whose suit reflects his intellect, showcasing taste and attention to detail.


No matter his environment, the bureau man is never out of place.
Subtly bourgouis, eclectic, immersed in his interior,
the bureau man creates his own world at the nexus of reality, intellect, matter and spirit.